Our Services

Air Freight

Your logistics needs are at the heart of our business. Irrespective of the cargo size, safety and timely delivery of shipments is of prime importance for GLPL. We are supported in this activity by our carrier partners across the globe as well as a team of industry experts specializing in air freight and air cargo services.

At GLPL it’s not only about transport, but also optimized transport solutions that result in better business efficiency.

  • Regular Air Services:

    The classic job profile of any forwarder starts with freight services by air that are finely offered on a platter by GLPL. These are offered in association with various airlines that operate on a fixed route with fixed frequency.

  • Charter Services:

    The emergencies of modern business can demand unconventional logistics solutions for managing heavy, over-sized cargo that is also urgent, on priority. These solutions are effective but equally complex to execute and expensive. Minor errors in executing such solutions can result in high financial liabilities. GLPL specializes in managing such business emergencies with ease.

  • On-board courier:

    OBC is a commonly used service by various businesses to manage extra urgent deliveries. GLPL has standard experience in handling hand-carry shipments.

Sea Freight

Ocean freight is the oldest means of transport across the continents. GLPL with its close connections with shipping companies manages your cargo safely as well as economically. We offer all possible solutions that fall under sea freight category.

  • Regular sea services:

    We understand the importance of nurturing business relations especially with our vendors. In the business of logistics, the shipping companies are well respected by GLPL. In return, we gain their expertise and advanced forecast on pricing frequency on shipping business that in turn benefits our customers.

  • Break-bulk services:

    We are also conversant and experienced in managing various kinds of break-bulk cargo such as, machinery, cranes, chemical vessels etc. Our linkages with strong vessel owners across the globe help charter and arrange for break-bulk cargo.

Road Freight

International Transport would not be possible without using ground transportation at various stages of the complete logistics chain. We pride ourselves in solving problems of ground logistics at various geographical areas across the globe. Our strong connections with swift global partners help us to move your freight at the optimized time frame.

We have loading capacities that include ODC/over weight/over height cargo to be moved on various size and types of flat bed and other kind of ground equipment

We also ensure HSSE (Health, safety, security and environment) compliances while moving your cargo making the planet a better place for the future generations.

Customs Brokerage

International Freight Forwarding cannot be complete without managing the procedures of the customs of various countries. At GLPL we have specialized human resources who manage liaison between our clients and the custom department.

As a customs broker, we make sure that we follow clear, transparent and legal procedures that preserve our and our client’s reputation. We always insist on clean declarations and following rules of the land.

Global Network

A rich experience in global business of professionals working for GLPL has resulted in strong agents network worldwide. Network of more than 150 agents in about 70 countries gives us wide coverage in the business of international freight. In fact most agents are working with since the establishment of business. Our expertise in choosing right partner in different parts of the world makes us a fine operator in the business of logistics.

Project Logistics

The project logistics is not very different from normal freight management. However it needs to be managed differently in a fashion where results of multiple shipments do not get affected. Coordination remains the key of successful projects. Genetrix logistics has all the strengths required to move the multi sized freight movements. In fact the on job experience of our Managing Director in successful handling of Greenfield & Brownfield projects in various heavy industries makes us your right partner in plant expansions, modernization or technology upgrades. We offer a cost effective solution that delivers your cargo safely & on time.