Our Industries

Heavy Machinery

You can count on Genetrix Logistics for a global edge in Farm Machinery and Equipment logistics. Our experience in the sector, global reach, and logistics network brings innovation to delivery. Genetrix Logistics expert and experienced team has the proven industry record, which speaks volumes.


The automotive industry presents some of the toughest challenges in logistics design and support. With manufacturing centers relying on multiple companies, multiple international locations, and multiple in-line stages, timing is everything. Genetrix Logistics understands the challenges faced by the automotive industry, and strives to find solutions through communication, overview, and efficiency. At Genetrix Logistics, we focus on industry logistics so that you can focus on what you do best.

Food Stuff

Genetrix Logistics is the logical choice to help supply the foodstuff industry. Our service is primarily focused on customers who require a more comprehensive logistics overview for routes to improve flexibility and efficiency and reduce overall cost.Extensive transportation networks and logistics infrastructure facilitate quick turnarounds.

High Tech

Just as technology is about innovation, we are all about excellence. As the name suggests ,high – tech industry manufactures, fragile /high value goods that GLPL is all equipped to handle, your valuable tech cargo-- be it mobile phones or mobile towers-- we manage all under one roof.


Energy is the backbone of modern life. We specialize in movement of cargo and clearances that relates to conventional/ non- conventional sources of energy. We understand the high importance in such movements such as spares for RIGS, which costs huge when delayed. We have been working with some of the best names in industry, and agents around HOUSTON/ABARDEEN/SINGAPORE/DUBAI which are global hubs for mobilization of resources for oil & gas industry. Do get in touch with us when you are looking for reliable and compact size operator with absolute personalized services.

Pharma & Chemicals

The governing rules of various countries in the movement of pharmaceuticals & chemicals are different and requires specialized knowledge in many cases. Our trained professional will help you glide over the obstacles of such movements. Additionally, we also cater to time- sensitive life drugs and bulk medicine movement in difficult terrains like Africa & Russia. We also specialize in import movement of these commodities and high value formulations.


The manufacturing industry is highly correlated with logistics. From Heavy machinery to spares parts everything needs to be moved on time and within financial budgets. We cater to heavy/medium size engineering companies for their regular needs of logistics. The all-round experience of GLPL in handling cargo in various size and shape helps us manage our customers with ease and finesse. Do get touch with us for your movement of special/ ODC cargo for cost effective solution.


Retail has emerged as the industry of the 21st century catering to the needs of worldwide consumers. From fashion to food, there are new choices created every day. Our services are used by retailers to source and distribute goods on time. Fashion as well as food are highly perishable commodities. The time sensitivity affects the economics of Retail industry. Satisfying the changing consumer behaviors will always improve the role of logistics partner in the business of retail.